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ET3000 Packet loss change MTU size

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 10:29AM PST
Problem: How to change MTU size on CLI CE thin clients?

Discussion: Changing the MTU size (packet length) is useful for manually changing the size of the ethernet packet that is sent from the client across the network.  This can be done to gain performance increase when a particular switch requires a larger, or smaller packet of data from the device.  This should only be done if there is verified packet loss on the network (trace was reviewed) and it is determined by a qualified LAN technician that modifying this setting on the client is the only way to fix packet loss problem.

Solution: Use CLI SNMP or Device Manager Software to edit the registry:


- Using SNMP or Device Manager
- right click on the IP address of the ET3000 you want to change from within the "Clients" panel
- Find: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Rtl81391\Parms\Tcpip"
- right click mouse in right panel
- select New
- select DWORD (the Edit Dword dialog box appears)
  -Name field (MTU)
  -select Base=Decimal Mode
  -Value (enter value from 576 to 1500)
  - OK
  - Make sure the value appears correctly in the normal registry view.
  - exit Edit Screen by clicking X on top right
- restart the thin client

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