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Printer session not READY at host

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 11:27AM PST

Problem: CLI CE, Linux, or Windows thin client using Termpro terminal emulation and has a Printer session screen with 'Online' highlighted, but won't print. Cause: This means that there was no connection to the host because of some configuration problem.

- Existing device name was created for another device (e.g. Twinax). Exit session, delete existing device name on the AS400 and restart the session.

- Invalid/missing session configuration parameters (see Host Settings screen): - Invalid host IP address/name and or Port. - Invalid device name (too long or not matching AS400 naming restrictions). - Named Message Queue not found (create or use QSYSOPR). Library specification incorrect (e.g. not *LIBL). - Font not specified as 011

- Host Print Transform specified; and unsupported model type specified. 'Other Printer' specified; and Custom Object specification is invalid. Correct configuration parameters and restart the session. On the AS400, the Device Status (WRKCFGSTS *DEV) for named Device is as follows: - Device name not found = Never created because of invalid session parameters. - Varied Off = Invalid session parameters (see above) caused connection to fail.

- Vary On Pending status = Session ended (disconnected) normally.

- Active/Writer = Session active (connected).

- Varied On = Abnormal status. Vary Off and retry starting session. Solution: Correct the configuration problem on the host so that it matches perfectly with the settings in Termpro printer session, or enable Auto-config on AS400, and let the AS400 create the device for you. Once it has been created, you can change the printer name manually. Procedure: Assumption is the system Administrator is familiar with setting up printers on AS400. NOTE: If using Windows or Linux you must have added the correct printer driver in the OS, and test page successfully prints. (refer to related CLI, or Microsoft documentation on adding printer driver in the local OS). Windows CE you cannot add drivers, so select the driver that most closely matches your printer.

-Turn Auto-config on at the host

-DELETE the printer session device name on the Termpro printer session -Close the printer session configuration -Start Termpro printer session -New printer device will be created on the host -Send test print to the printer (small new job)

-Change the printer name on the host -Match that printer name in Termpro printer configuration

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