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Verify alignment printer message at the beginning of each job

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 11:33AM PST

Always get a 'verify alignment message' (CPA4002) at the beginning of each print job

Solution:  Set up a Reply List entry on AS/400

You can create an automatic reply to the CPA4002 message (forms alignment) for a specific device name (or name root) in order to avoid delays I printing to a label printer or other type of non-forms printer.

1.    Type the command 'addrpyle' and press enter.
2.    For the field 'Sequence number' any valid sequence number  (you may wish to check non used sequence numbers using the wrkrpyle command)
3.    For the field 'Message identifier' use CPA4002
4.    For the field 'Comparison data' you would type the name of the print device (enclosed in single quotes) or the root name of the print devices you wish this message auto answered for.  Example: you may have a device named 'PRT055' and this is the only device you want this message answered for.  You also may have several devices you want to auto reply to this message.  If they were named LBL101, LBL102, LBL103 you could use just 'LBL1' as your comparison data, then all devices with the prefix LBL1 would have an auto reply.
5.    For the field 'Message data start position' for this message it should be 29.  You do not need single quotes for this field.  Note:  this is the numeric position that the comparison data starts.  This number can vary from OS/400 version.  To check this number on your OS/400 version, use the command 'wrkmsgd' and then type the message number (CPA4002) into the 'Position to' field and display the message.  Manually count the number of letters and spaces from the beginning of the message text's first letter to the '&' symbol signifying the device name. This will be the 'Message data start position' number.
6.    For the field 'Message reply' type in a 'G' or an 'I' or whatever your normal reply to a verify alignment message would be.  Remember to enclose in single quotes.
7.    Press Enter.

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