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Termpro - 122keyboard keys not working right

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2018 02:23PM PDT
Problem: The new 122 (PC USB) keyboard some keys do not match with the older CLI 122key-B (PS/2) type keyboard layouts.

Discussion: CLI discontinued the 122key-B 5250 PS/2 keyboard due to lack of demand, and availability of parts the we used on that model keyboard.  The 122key-B used a proprietary 5250 keyboard layout for use with our Termpro terminal emulation software only.  CLI currently offers a new 122key PC USB keyboard  as a replacement to the 122key-B.  The 122key PC USB keyboard uses a "PC" language, and therefore some keys are mapped differently.   If you have been used to using the older CLI 122key-B type keyboard, users would need to be re-trained on how to use the new 122key PC USB keyboard.

Solution: Notice the changes, and retrain user to the new layout.  Some keys, and functions that have changed on the new 122key-PC-USB are...
  • Configure 122keyPC-USB as PC Enhanced keyboard, instead of 122 keyboard.  You must do this or else the upper row of Fkeys will not work
  • Numpad "/" and "*" are "switched".  You could pop off the keycaps, and swap the two keys, or leave in place and re-train the user.
  • Rule key.  Press ALT + RULE (Page Down) key to active ruler.
  • For scrolling Press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN instead of SHIFT + UP/DOWN arrow.

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