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SNMP community won't pass audit

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 02:59PM PST

Problem: Your organization will not allow a device that uses SNMP agent, or SNMP packets.

Reason: The CLI XPE/WES/WES7/CE clients use "public" string by default

Solution: Employ strong SNMP community security, or disable the SNMP agent service on the client.

Procedure: The below procedure is for CLI WES/XPe clients.  For WES7 (Disable the FBWF) Disable the SNMP service running on the client.  If you do this, you will NOT be able to use the CLI Device Manager software to re-image, or control the device.


A better option is to employ the SNMP community security.  The CLI SNMP agent can utilize a "private" key.  Once you do that on both your client image, and the Device Manager, it will pass the audit.

CLI banking customers, US government, and any other organization has had the same success with setting up a private community.

To disable SNMP service completely...(not recommended)

-Login as Administrator

-Open control panel/Administrative tools/services

-Disable the Maple SNMP agent service

-Reboot the client to commit the change


To set SNMP secuirity on the device...(recommended)

-Login as Administrator

-Right click the XPE SNMP agent icon in the SYSTRAY

-Bring up the DEVMAN control utility

-click on the DEVMAN network button

-Key in a private SNMP community name

-Reboot the device to commit the change

-On Device Manager, click FILE/OPTIONS/SECURITY

-Key in the same private SNMP community name you used on the client agent

-Press F5, now Device Manager will see only the devices that have the SNMP community name you prefer


This should pass your audit.


Let us know if that does not help you out.


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