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How to add ELO touch screen support on CLI UB10 Linux thin clients

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2018 02:01PM PDT

Problem: There is a need to add support of ELO touch screen on CLI LX (Linux) thin clients

Solution: Use the RDP-zero2 image (for RDP connection only).  This image contains all of the components required to support most ELO touch screens.  Or, you could install the ELO touch screen components (patches) manually on the CLI Standard gold, or default images.

Procedure: Download the "RDP-zero2" image from

Use CLI Device Manager or CLI LX USB recovery to put the RDP-zero2 image on the thin client.

Or for manual installation on the CLI LX gold, or default images...

Download the installable packages from our FTP server

UID = downloadlinux

PW = cli+)*^$


-Go to Linux/ Installable packages/ELO touch folder

-Download xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.8.deb

-Download elo-linux-serial-driver_3.3.0_i386.deb, and elo-linux-usb-driver_3.5.2-1_i386.deb

-On the client Login as Root install xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.8.deb, reboot

-Login as Root user install elo-linux-serial-driver_3.3.0_i386.deb, reboot (optional)

-login as Root user, install  elo-linux-usb-driver_3.5.2-1_i386.deb, reboot


-Calibrate touch screen

-Reboot, done



4. Calibrating the Touchscreen






Users must have read and write access to "/dev/elo-usb" directory to perform the touchscreen calibration. The previous calibration command line parameters -u and -s are now obsolete. All long command line options in elova calibration utility have been modified to use "--" format instead of "-" format. (example: "--help" instead of "-help")


Type "# /etc/opt/elo-usb/elova --help" for available command line parameters and usage.   



Step I:



Run the calibration utility from a command window in X Windows from the /etc/opt/elo-usb, or /etc/opt/elo-ser directory for a single or multiple video setup (supports Xorg Xinerama, Xorg non-Xinerama and Nvidia Twinview options). 


  # cd /etc/opt/elo-usb (or /etc/opt/elo-ser)

  # ./elova 



In a multiple video setup, the calibration target(s) will be shown on the first video screen and switch to the next video screen after a 30 second default timeout for each target or screen. Once the touchscreen is calibrated the data is stored in a configuration file on the hard disk. To display the calibration targets on just one specific video screen(example:videoscreen[1]) use the command shown below.


  # cd /etc/opt/elo-usb (or /etc/opt/elo-ser)

  # ./elova --videoscreen=1



To change or disable the default calibration timeout for each target or screen, use the command shown below. [Timeout Range: Min=0 (no timeout), Max=300 secs, Default=30 secs]


  # cd /etc/opt/elo-usb (or /etc/opt/elo-ser)

  # ./elova --caltargettimeout=0      [Disable the calibration timeout for all targets and videoscreens] 

  # ./elova --caltargettimeout=45     [Modify the calibration timeout to 45 seconds]  



To view a list of video and USB touch devices available for calibration, use the command shown below.


  # cd /etc/opt/elo-usb (or /etc/opt/elo-ser)

  # ./elova --viewdevices



To view all the available options and specific usage for elova calibration program, use the command shown below.


  # cd /etc/opt/elo-usb (or /etc/opt/elo-ser)

  # ./elova --help


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