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Linux MT1200P time is wrong

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 04:12PM PST

Problem:  The time on the terminal is wrong....or.....the time on a client connection is wrong:

Solution:  Use the correct order to set Date/Time/Timezone/NTP (time sync)

On CLI's MT1200P Linux terminals the order of configuration of Time and Date settings can have an effect on client connections and local time.

To set the Time/Date/Timezone/NTP (Network Time Protocol) correctly perform the following:

1. Set NTP FIRST!  If you plan not to use time synchronization, disable it.  If you plan to use time sync, set it to the correct server, but do this step first.
2. Timezone.  We advise enabling the "Auto Daylight Saving Time"  Next select the timezone and disable the "From DHCP Server" if you DO NOT plan to have your DHCP server serve the timezone.
3. Date.  Set the day month and year.  Click Save when complete. It will make you click 'Save' then 'OK' to complete the task and return to the Time/Date/Timezone window
4. You Must Set Time LAST!  Set the correct local time (local to the terminal) in 24 hour format.

If you change any other selection, YOU MUST reset the time before finishing in the Time/Date/Timezone window.  Failure to do this could result in incorrect time being shown in client connections (ICA, RDP, etc)

NOTE: The above is for older versions of CLI Linux.  The current version Ubuntu based, you can set the time under the User account, but you must authenticate.  The default password is Administrator.

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